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Southern Stroke Game Fish Fighting Chairs

The Southern Stroke Fighting Chair is an innovative and precision engineered game fishing chair which has been designed, manufactured and assembled in Australia from high quality Australian made parts. Whether you compete in South Africa, America, Australia or New Zealand, this beautifully engineered chair will complement your vessel and most importantly; your fishing.

The chair is made from the finest quality 316 stainless steel and fibreglass components.

With its unique centre pivot spigot which runs from the chair base down the centre post to a nylon bush, the Southern Stroke Fighting Chair gives the angler the smoothest, strongest and most reliable game fishing chair on the world market today.

Designed by anglers for anglers to give you the confidence that you are sitting in the ultimate cockpit game chair so you can bring in your world record marlin or pelagic fish that we all chase and dream to capture.

Available in 130lb IGFA, this chair will complement any vessel it is fitted to and add a new dimension to precision, performance and quality.

Every chair is polished and finished to the manufacturer’s rigourous specifications.

Once you have tried a Southern Stroke Fighting Chair and experienced the versatility and mobility of its genuine “fishability”, you will be overwhelmed by its charisma.

The cockpit floor plate, a high quality harness and cover are included in the Southern Stroke Fighting Chair package.

High quality harness included.

Southern Stroke is your marine specialist. We can provide customised modifications and personalisation of your marine equipment, as well as custom design and manufacturing